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Reihane Moshtaghi

  • Thursday 2018/3/29
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Harp education Background:
-    Starting with Ms. Fattaneh Shahin in 2010;
-    Attending harp master class of Ms. Valentina Meinero in 2011;
-     Continuing the learning with Sirin Pancaroglu  2011-2013;
-    Enhancing playing in advance level with Ms. Angela Schwarzkopf from 2015 to the present.

Professional background:
-    Assistant of Ms. Fattaneh Shahin in Pars music school in Tehran;
-    Harp teacher in Chakameh Music Institute in Tehran;
-    Playing in Pars Music school orchestra in Vahdat hall in international children’s day;
-    Harp duet performance in Egypt embassy with Ms. Fattaneh Shahin;
-    Harp recital in the glorification night of Maestro Hooshang Zarif in Arasbaran cultural center;
-    Duet of harp and Oud in 12th world harp congress in Sydney and presenting the Persian music.