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Naghmeh Vahabzadeh

  • Monday 2018/12/10
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Naghmeh Vahabzadeh
Naghmeh began her education in music under the instruction of Mr. Arman Nahrvar, a well-known artist, at a very young age. The first instrument she explored was piano, but she quickly developed an interest in solfege and classic song as a soprano singer in Samin coral group under Mr. Sookiazian education in Tehran. Naghmeh graduated with Ph.D in Architecture from Iran-Tehran. During her studies, she discovered her passion for teaching piano. Her love and passion for music enabled her to teach in different ages with classical and Persian Pop and traditional style in piano and now, she has 15 years’ experience teaching piano in Iran and Canada.

Her experience and knowledge in both music and architecture enabled her to teach theory of art and music along with the teaching piano for student. As a member of RCM she teaches student to graduate form Royal Conservatory of Music program in different stages.