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About Us

Zangouleh Music School looks at music as a means of sharing ideas, emotions, and cultures.

Zangouleh Music School was founded on January 28th, 2010 in Toronto. Zangouleh looks at music as a means of sharing ideas, emotions, and cultures. This school aims to gather professional musicians from different musical backgrounds in order to provide the students with a diverse and dynamic environment.

In Zangouleh Music School students not only learn to play Western musical instruments such as Piano, Violin , and Guitar but also have a chance to play Eastern musical instruments such as Santour, Tar,Tombak, and etc.

Zangouleh intends to have multifaceted students; with emphasis on both practical aspect, as well as theory. Students have the chance to learn about Music Theories, Harmony, and Counterpoints, besides performance. Zangouleh attempts to be different and creative in order to make memorable moments for music enthusiasts.


What makes Zangouleh Music School a different place:

●    Zangouleh started business in 2010 with the mission to be professional and stay professional.
●    To be committed to this mission, Zangouleh always works with teachers well educated in Music.
●    To increase confidence in students, Zangouleh organizes small student concerts every 6 months.
●    Zangouleh has trained over 300 students and is proud to announce that many of them are future successful music teachers or music performers
●    To help students better decide about the musical instrument they want to learn, Zangouleh gives them this opportunity to have an instrument for free for twelve sessions. After this period of time, they better know if they really want to buy the instrument and learn it.  
●    Zangouleh is proud to say that last year was the third year that Zangoule had attendance in Tirgan Festival with the goal of showing Persian Culture and especially Persian Music to the world and to other Canadians with different ethnic backgrounds.


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