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Meet the Santour instrument with zangoulehmusicschool

  • Saturday 2018/4/21
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This instrument is located in the strings of strike instruments

In fact, in the Santour of the wires, they sound like a pair of cymbals in the hands of the musician. This device has a trapezoidal wooden body and a total of 18 vaults (9 right vaults and 9 vaults on the left), of which 72 wires pass through four vaults in four sets. Of course, in the old days, centuries with more vaults were also made and used. The most common type of Santour (with two rows of nine vaults, called nine vaults), has an audio volume of 3 octaves and a note. The Santour instrument and its sound is such that, in addition to the traditions of traditional Iranian music, pieces of international music style can be played. Loving Remastered by Professor Faramarz Payvar, is one of the greatest contributors to the classical educational method and valuable works for this instrument. The way this instrument works in different Iranian music schools varies widely and is available for almost any book technique and educational method. Among the techniques of playing Santour, one can refer to the schools of the professors: Habib Samayi - Faramarz Payvar - Parviz Meshkatian - Abolhassan Saba - Modern Santour style and ....

The most famous performers of this instrument are the masters:

Abolhassan Saba - Habib Samayi - Faramarz Payvar - Parviz Meshkatian - Majid Najahi - Fazlollah Tavakkol - Reza Varzandeh - Pekhang Kamkar - Darvan Kamkar and .... 2009 is an annoyance for enthusiasts and enthusiasts of Santour Sally because two of the greatest instrument makers of this instrument, our memorable master Pervez Meshkatian and Professor Faramarz Payvar, who have worked hard to improve the compositions and perform unique works for this instrument, They told farewell Fanny.

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